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Started by Redseller94, Nov 26, 2021, 01:10 AM

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Hi guys! Call me Redseller94 Update 2021 LIST CREDIT CARD AND GIFT CARD





$$$$$ Contact $$$$$

ICQ: 761614540
Gmail: redsellers94@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +84702658349
Telegram: https://t.me/RedSeller94 @Redseller94 (Seller94 Red)

Selling good and fresh cvv fullz track 1 and
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transfer writing checks transfer to cc ..
Fresh Cards. Selling Dumps, Cvvs, Fullz.

===> List Price for fresh Credit Card (CC,CCV,Ccs)

- US (visa/master) = 25$ per 1
- US (Amex,Dis) = 65$ per 1
- US Bin = 15$, US Dob = 65$
- US fullz info = 65$ per 1
- UK (visa/master) = 50$ per 1
- UK (Amex,Dis) = 60$ per 1
- UK Bin = 30$, UK Dob = 65$
- UK fullz info = 85$ per 1
- CA (visa/master) = 50$ per 1
- CA (Amex,Dis) = 50$ per 1
- CA Bin = 25$, CA Dob = 55$
- CA fullz info = 65$ per 1
- AU (visa/master) = 65$
- AU (Amex,Dis) = 65$ per 1
- AU Bin = 30$, AU Dob = 65$
- AU fullz info = 65$ per 1
- EU (Visa,Master) = 65$ per 1
- EU (Amex,Dis) = 65$ per 1
- EU Bin = 35$, AU Dob = 65$
- EU fullz info = 60$ per 1

Others Country:
- Italy = 65$ per 1 (fullz info = 65$)
- Spain = 65$ per 1 (fullz info = 65$)
- Denmark = 65$ per 1 (fullz info = 65$)
- Sweden = 65$ per 1 (fullz info = 65$)
- France = 65$ per 1 (fullz info = 65$)
- Germany = 65$ per 1 (fullz info = 65$)
- Ireland = 65$ per 1 (fullz info = 65$)
- Mexico = 65$ per 1 (fullz info = 65$)
- Asia = 85$ per 1 (fullz info = 65$)
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---------Price For YESCARDS-----GiftCards----------

Platinium visa - 350 euro ---- plafond 10000 euros
Platinium Visa - 450 euros ----> plafond 20000 euros
Platinium Mastercard - 500 euros ----> plafond 22500 euros
Platinium Visa - 600 euros ----> 27000 euros
Platinium Mastercard - 650 euros ---> 29000 euros
Infinity Visa - 750 euros ----> plafond 35000 euros
Infinity Mastercard - 850 euros ----> plafond 45000 euros
Achat et Livraison Express
avec DHL ou UPS ou par la POSTE et meme FEDEX


Sell Dumps Track 1/2 Good & Fresh All Country

- Tracks 1&2 US = 70$ per 1

- Tracks 1&2 UK = 80$ per 1

- Tracks 1&2 CA + AU = 90$ per 1

- Tracks 1&2 EU = 90$ per 1

* I Will to check with high balance


- Dumps,Track 1&2 US = $120 per 1

- Dumps,Track 1&2 UK = $140 per 1

- Dumps,Track 1&2 CA = $140 per 1

- Dumps,Track 1&2 AU = $120 per 1

- Dumps,Track 1&2 EU = $130 per 1

*** Types Card dumps : VISA / MASTER / AMEX / DISCOVERI Gold , Master Standart, Platinum, Business card,

Cooperation card, American Express, Debit card

*** Countries card : USA, UK, CA, AU, EU, Asia .....

+++ NOTE : I also sell Dumps with balances are required

==> Examples :

>>>> DEMO TRACK + PIN UK <<<<

TRACK 2 : 4658591937313000=14022212730000000011 b 02;06;31 PIN 3463

TRACK 2 : 5404500019100759=13052210000002047000 l 02;48;39 PIN 9832


Track2: 4852450003907464=10050114065434000000 PIN 5845

Track2: 4185506003290033=11144281300469401011 PIN 6846


Track1: B4867967032437166^AVALLONE/SONJA^13011010000000472000000

Track2: 4867967032437166=13011010000047200000 |

United States | JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. - |

Visa | PLATINUM | 101 | TR1+TR2 |

PIN CODE : 2269

B5111961527836645^KRISTI MCQUIRT^1312101263000000000000000000000?;511196152 7836645=13121012630000000000

B5424180503431014^BRAUN/DANIEL E ^120910100000023501000000582000000?;54241805034310 14=1209101235010582

- Track1=5232556061018719WYATT/ROBERTSON1007101171410000271000000

- Track2=5232556061018719=10071011000042400000

- pin: 5678,5432,5187,5505,and other many pin.....
Verifed Paypal Accounts

== Acc PayPal Verified with balance $2000 = $150
== Acc PayPal Verified with balance $5000 = $250
== Acc PayPal Verified with balance $8000 = $350
== Acc PayPal Verified with balance $8000 = $350

( Email address + PayPal password ) full z information

===> Western Union transfer (WU Transfer) ($/£/€)

(EU,UK,Asia,Canada,US,France,Germany,Italy,Nigeria ,.. African)

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$150 for MTCN $2000 (get MTCN vs Sender's details)

$300 for MTCN $5000 (get MTCN vs Sender's details)

$700 for MTCN $9000 (get MTCN vs Sender's details)

$900 for MTCN $15000 (get MTCN vs Sender's details)

Give me your western union receive info and payment me fee. Then i will do transfer for you, After about 30 mins you'll have MTCN and sender's name.

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***** Contact *****
ICQ: 761614540
Gmail: redsellers94@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +84702658349
Telegram: https://t.me/RedSeller94 @Redseller94 (Seller94 Red)




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