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Started by AndyM, Jul 14, 2017, 12:08 PM

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Throughout the journey, like any other car, the truck will wear.

Trucks suffer wear in parts such as main components: body, engine, brakes, tires. These wear out independently, each differently, and repair can be done in the parking lot, each component costing different prices, depending on the difficulty.

When at least one component failure reaches 90%, the truck cannot be used any longer, but if it is used intensively, wear might exceed the limit of 90%.
Drivers have an important role here, as mentioned in the topic about rating and experience.

The more experienced the driver is the better he drives; thus the wear is minimal.
The speed of the truck is also responsible for the wear. As the truck goes faster, then it wears out faster.

Also, if the truck is driven at high speed compared to the speed limit, it can crash resulting in the destruction of the parts.
(*) Cargo may also be damaged.

As the truck has greater wear, the load is prone to spoil quicker.
Thus, in order to deliver the load with maximum safety, it is vital not to exceed the speed limit, and to keep the truck in the best possible condition.

The fragile loads can spoil faster when the truck speed exceeds 90km/h (60mph).
The fragile loads are 40% faster prone to spoil in case the driver is over speeding.
(*) Update of the parts damages may take up to 3 minutes from the time of the accident.

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