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Once a player is rated 2 it can set up his own partnership. Players that will join the partnership have no restrictions imposed on the rating.

This partnership consists of forming a team of players who will assume some transports for the partnership and partnership managers can set that a percentage of player's expenses to be reimbursed.


Every day new contracts become available.

These have clear details:
- City of the load
- City of destination
- Type of transport
- Necessary quantity
- Contract size
- Auction duration
- Contract period
- Wage received if winning
- Penalties for failure

Partnership administrator or accredited members for contracting are allowed to bid for a contract by subtracting 1000 euro from the amount received. The partnership that placed the last bid before the auction ended, will get the contract.

To be noted:
- After closing the auction it takes about 10 to 50 seconds for the allocation of contract. (This is because automatic checks are made on the server every minute). Meanwhile, even if the contract has not yet been assigned, it cannot accept bids any longer.

In order to win the contract:
The contracts will be surely won, as long as the offer was received ... However, earnings will be distributed as follows:

If the application is completed, money is received instantly together with the rating.
If there is demand, money is received (for the completed percentage) and there are penalties to be applied (for the remaining percentage).

Thus, if a contract is for carrying 3000 tons (3000 tons was the offer, 3000 tons the request = 6000 tons) and offer has no tone and from the request there are still 300 tons left (i.e. 95% completed), the partnership will still win the contract receiving 95% of the amount but the sum carries 5 percent penalties.

If a player tries to cheat the partnership we know that there is a possibility that a player loads a truck according to the contract but does not deliver the cargo for malicious intent.

These players, if they deliver the freight before terminating the contract, they will be forced to throw away the goods, and besides paying the amount already paid to purchase load, they also get a 50Euro / ton, penalty fee.

If there is a player who has loaded the goods according to the contract but leaves or gets expelled from the partnership, he will not be able to deliver according to the contract of partnership, because these deliveries occur only to members of the partnership and will be forced throw away the goods.

Contract size

In order to protect small partnerships against the power of the large ones, we classified contracts on different classes regarding difficulty (Small, Medium, Big and Mega).

For small contracts, only small partnerships with rating between 0 and 5 can place bids
For medium contracts, only partnerships with ratings between 5 and 20 can place bids.
For big contracts, only partnerships with ratings between 20 and 50 can place bids.
For mega contracts, only partnerships with ratings over 50 can place bids.

Limitations due to allocated contracts

To provide equal chances to all players after a partnership has won a contract, it is no longer entitled to bid for up to 24 hours. There is, however, the possibility of receiving more contracts within 24 hours if before winning a contract (before auction ending) a partnership has placed a bid that up until the auction ended, no one has bid anymore.


If up until the contract term the offer was not completed in full, penalties are applied for all amount so no money is earned. If the offer is over but some demand is still available, some penalties are applied but also some money is earned. In the case of contracts failure, partnerships rating does not change.


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