Hints and tips to all members of EUROPES FINEST (and all other interested player

Started by dispatcher2012, Nov 21, 2017, 03:41 AM

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I´d like to give all members general hints and tips, just as they will be crossing my mind.

1. All new players with a minimum rating of 0.1 can purchase a used Magnum completely on installments at the headquarters building under "Second Truck". The truck is bought completely on loan. You will automatically pay back between 1700 and 1900 Euro every 2nd day depending on your rating until the truck will be completely paid for.

2. When upgrading your trucks your first priority should be upgrading the intake 3-times so that the Magnums will be rolling at 90 kph. Trucks that run at 90 kph or faster by default do not need an upgrade to more than 90 kph. A speed higher than 90 kph will lead to penalties, a higher fuel consumption and will make the cargo wear out faster.

3. Put 2 drivers on each truck so that one of them will drive while the 2nd driver will be resting. I recommend you to put the 2nd driver on a truck directly after purchasing it because that can be done only at your HQ city. If you already have trucks with only 1 driver on a route you will certainly have the chance to stop at the HQ city and will be able to add the 2nd driver then. When the truck has 2 drivers the exchange must be performed manually each time you wish to do so.

To add the 2nd driver to a truck, please enter the blue/white building, click contract list- details-drivers- add 2nd driver. You will want to proceed in a similar way upon attaching trailers to your truck. Instead of Drivers just click Trailers-Add.

4. A truck can be driven by only such drivers who have at least as many stars as the truck itself. There is no problem in putting 2-star-drivers on a 1-star-truck. But it won´t work the other way around.

5. I would, if ever, buy own trailers only with a minimum fleet size of 11 trucks. Always buy such trailers that are compatible with the cargo type of the current contract. Thus, you will be flexible enough and will be able to send all trucks without own trailers and those with the corresponding own trailers to each contract.

Own trailers save you the trailer rent so that you will receive the full price of a cargo upon unloading without the automatic deduction of 30 % for trailer rent. Also, own trailers allow you to haul more than 18 tons if your truck itself can haul more than 18 tons. In no way is it worth buying own trailers for trucks that can haul less than 18 tons.

However, there is a disadvantage: Not every cargo type is available in every city which can lead to some empty drives to a close city that offers a compatible cargo.

That being said, rented trailers make you much more flexible. Out of 100 times after unloading in a city you will possible have to move to another city just once, because there is no compatible cargo that can be loaded in the city where you have just unloaded your cargo.

6. If your truck does not have its own trailer it will be able to haul only 18 tons at the most. That goes even if the truck itself can haul more than 18 tons. The limit of 18 tons is regardless of how much your truck can haul and regardless of driver and truck rating.

If your truck can haul less than 18 tons then it will always be loaded up to the maximum weight that it can haul-with or without an own trailer-even if the own trailer attached has a higher capacity.

7. You can increase the load capacity of any truck by tuning its engine.

8. All tuning options can be performed using your game money until level 4. The remaining 2 levels of each tuning department can be performed only by using VDPOints.

9. 1-star-drivers can be promoted to 2 stars in "Hired Drivers" if they have reached a mileage of 20,000 km and if your company has a minimal rating of 5.000 points. For promoted drivers and those drivers that you hire as 2-star-drivers (Hiring of 2-star-drivers is possible with a rating of 5.000 points as well.) you can purchase the Fragile licence at 5,000 Euro per driver. This will enable those drivers to haul a wider range of goods.

10. You can hire one driver with a rating of 2 or more stars in 24 hours for free. There is no such limitation upon hiring 1-star-drivers. These are always free of charge and can be hired in an unlimited number.

11. With a minimum mileage of 100,000 km and a rating of 25.000 2-star-drivers can be promoted to 3 stars (or you can hire 3-star drivers directly) and the Auto licence can be purchased.

12. With a minimum mileage of 500,000 km and 65.000 points you can promote drivers to 4 stars and hire new 4-star-drivers and additonally purchase the Danger licence.

13. With a minimum mileage of 1 million km and 150,000 points you can promote drivers to 5 stars and hire new 5-star-drivers. The Oversize licence can be purchased additionally.

14. All mileages refer to a single driver, not your company´s total mileage.

15. Now coming to the maximum driver distances depending on their rating. You can activate the Premium Drivers option which leads to an increase of all values.

Standard players:

Driver of rating 1: 350 km
Driver of rating 2: 450 km
Driver of rating 3: 550 km
Driver of rating 4: 650 km
Driver of rating 5: 800 km

Players with premium drivers option enabled:

Driver of Rating 1: 450 km
Driver of Rating 2: 600 km
Driver of Rating 3: 700 km
Driver of Rating 4: 800 km
Driver of Rating 5: 1000 km

16.If the total distance from the loading to the unloading location is too long for a driver, you will initially have to go to a closer city along the route, stop there and proceed start a new route to the location that the truck was intended to reach.

17. Supply and demand of goods in all cities change frequently. So you cannot say "Cargo xyz from A to B is a superior route. That may work for several days but when demand and supply change you will have to look for other routes.

18. The best strategy for normal, non-contract routes is to look for short distances between supply and demand cities. This way you can make more km and more routes within a certain period of time, which will result in higher profits. In this game you are not paid per km, so that there is little to no sense to haul cargoes to the furthers possible unloading location.

19. You can buy an unlimited number of old Magnums, even several of them per day. Above that, you can buy one truck other than the Magnum for virtual money per 24 hours. If you need more than one other truck within 24 hours, you will have the chance to get them with VDPoints.

20. 1-star-drivers can be hired without restrictions. All drivers with more stars can also be hired for free- 1 driver per 24 hours. You can hire drivers ahead if you don´t need them immediately. Drivers don´t cost you a Cent of salary as long as they are not attached to a truck. If you want to hire more than 1 driver with 2 or more stars within 24 hours you will have to buy and invest VDPoints.

21. You should try to keep a balance of at least 10,000 Euro if your trucks are loaded. Thus you avoid nasty surprises through unforeseeable expenses.

22. Develop your company with deliberation. Don´t demand too much from yourself. No one will benefit from that- neither you, nor the partnership.

23. When buying trucks, please don´t just look at the list of new and used trucks. Also have a look at the marketplace where other players always post good offers. You can sell your own trucks there as well.

25. The company tax is deducted weekly. The amount to be paid depends on the size of your company and your revenue.

Here are the basic rules for our partnership:

1. If you plan a longer absence from the game, please message dispatcher 2012 in advance. There´s no problem at all. We all have a private life.

2. A member who doesn´t participate in at least one for 3 consecutive contract (and thus doesn´t contribute at least one load in one of the three contracts) will be rejected from the partnership without prior warning if he failed to report about his absence in advance. We compile lists of activities. When we have completed 3 contracts and the fourth contract starts, the first of the previous three contracts will be removed from the list and participation in it will no longer count. Our impression of how active a player is always depends on their activity during the last 3 contracts.

3. All members upon each stop and loading receive the discount on food, cargo, repairs and diesel. At the moment all values are set to 8 %. Discounts are always granted to everyone. We don´t want to see people who always drive non-contract routes benefit from discouts that they have not earned. That´s why such people will be fired after 3 consecutive contracts without any contribution at the latest. That even goes if they are regularly online but always do non-contract routes. That is just fair towards all active and committed members. After all, it is those active members who earn the money for discounts. They shouldn´t be punished by inactive and non-dedicated people taking away the money that they have earned. So please be fair and help complete contracts. Our partnership just like any other partnership in the game is better of without those egoists.

4. A partnership contract lasts about 1 week by average. We shuttle several times between the loading and the unloading location until the contract is complete.

I think that´s enough for the beginning. If you have any further ideas as to what could be added here please send me a PM in the game (dispatcher2012). Also, I´ll gladly answer all your questions regarding these hints and all other questions regarding the game and the partnership via PM. All players including those who are not (yet) a member of our partnership can feel free to contact me. All players of this game are equal to me. If you are not yet a member of our team please feel free to message me for invites as well.

Good luck and happy trucking!

Co-owner of Europes Finest


Great guide. One minor addition, 5 star drivers can only be hired using VDPoints as far as I am aware they never appear for hire like other drivers.

But of course as you say you can promote 4 star drivers once they reach 1 million km. They typically have around 650,000 to 75000km when hired as a 4 star driver. So it isn't as hard as it sounds but it will still take a while lol

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Great guide!!! Thank you! Now... i have to hire the 2nd drivers for my trucks... i miss that :(


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