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more drivers

Started by Rescator, Aug 20, 2017, 06:11 AM

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for example: if you have 2 drivers and 2 trucks then you must switch between them in Dispatch -> contracts list -> select proper driver.
So what if you make something in main screen that we can see all drivers in company and not clicking in the menu.


Hello! If you're talking exactly about the switching drivers, you can do that in the dashboard panel.


Is there a way to know what the miles are for each of the loads being offered. I keep having to deadhead my drivers from city to city because they don't qualify for certain loads. Example, I deadhead my driver to the nearest city for a load that I've already done before but I couldn't get the load because my driver didn't qualify due to the mileage. So I have to deadhead again. Losing money on fuel and driver fatigue. Is there a better way to find a load without going thru all this deadheading.

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